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1. Mr. Josh Dinkler

Dear Jagath,

I hope you are well and happy. We had SUCH an incredible time in Sri Lanka with you. Thanks again for everything you did for us in preparation and during our time together there.

Here is a link to the video I made of our trip:

All the best...!!!

Josh Dinkler



 2. Mr. Tammy & Mrs. Ram Porat

Dear Jagath,

I could not figure out how to upload a testimonial on your website. So here it is below –please handle it. Thanks! We are a 50 years old couple from Israel. We recently traveled for a week with Jagath and had a great time. Jagath's knowledge and patience led us around Sri Lanka exactly the way we wanted it. It was a superb mixture of culture & nature. Jagath's warm personality made this intensive week interesting and fun altogether.

We highly recommend exploring Sri Lank with him.

Thank you Jagath, we hope to see you again, in Sri Lanka or here in Israel!

Tammy & Mrs. Ram Porat



 3. Mark and Karen

Dear Jagath,

Jagath is the best guide anyone can hope for. Sweet, patient, very knowledgeable, and very aware of the needs of his clients, he will do his best to make sure you only visit the best places and stay at the most beautiful and scenic hotels. It was a true pleasure to discover Sri Lanka with him. He helped us plan our trip from A to Z and provided a very comfortable car for the duration of our stay. Visiting cultural and historical sites, safaris, spas, and beautiful natural spaces were all on the schedule.

Mark and Karen from Lebanon



 4. Suzi and Giora

Dear Jagath,

Sorry for missing this e-mail, but better late than never.
As for recommendation let me phrase it in the following sentences:
It was an extraordinary pleasure to meet you in Sri Lanka and be guided by you for the first 9 days. Your knowledge and background were very much appreciated and we had the pleasure to learn from you a lot regarding the history of this country together with the geographical and theological background. We are pleased to recommend you to various friends here in Israel so they can enjoy the same warm hospitality we received from you.

All the best

Suzi and Giora from Israel


 5. Meg Herrera

Dear Jagath,

Jagath picked us up from the airport in Colombo where we then headed to Kandy. We stopped for a quick breakfast at a very clean, reasonably priced local restaurant at the suggestion of Jagath. We spent one night in Kandy and then drove to Bentota Beach. The tour was a lot of driving time for Jagath, but he consistently drove safely and was willing to stop when we wanted to. He avoided tourist trap areas unless we asked to go and frequently warned us about when we should buy souvenirs and when we should wait for another shop/location. He helped us try different fruits on the roadside and explore other things we spotted out of the window. The van was comfortable and clean, our group had 3 adults and one baby in a car seat - we had plenty of space. Jagath was a wonderful driver and guide, but he went above and beyond his job when our 9-month-old baby became sick. He took us to a local hospital and stayed with us to make sure all was ok. Then, we called him in the middle of the night to take us back to the hospital. He was there within 10 minutes and took us again to the hospital. He was most supportive and helpful in this stressful situation. Before the baby was sick Jagath would offer to hold him so we could explore or eat, he was great with him! He even called the day after we arrived back home to check on our son and see that we arrived ok. I can not recommend Jagath enough - you will not regret hiring him. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Jagath - I am sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to you, hopefully, we will see you for another trip again! Take good care of yourself and your family and thank you so much for your help with Milo, it was reassuring to have you there to help us.

Take care,



Tel: 0097334447018

 6. Caline, Mary, Rayan, and Patrick

Dear Jagath,

Our contact with Jagath started way before our trip to Sri Lanka, he was of great help in the organization of our journey. He is a very reliable person and shares knowledge and experience about places to visit, hotels, activities... He easily adapts to any plan you decide even if it is a last-minute change. He is very discreet and trustworthy(We even left our bags in for a whole night in his possession). His van is in good condition and well maintained

We highly recommend him for your journey in Sri Lanka.

Thank you Jagath for your assistance and patience!

Caline, Mary, Rayan, and Patrick from Lebanon

September 2013