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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Big Five


Sri Lanka is unmatched for its wildlife and for an island of its size. The island has an astonishing array of wildlife and is one of the best places in the world for photographing large mammals in their natural habitats. It is the best place in the world for seeing Blue Whale. It has the largest seasonal concentration of Asian Elephants. The island is arguably the best for seeing and photographing leopardsThe Sinharaja Bird Wave is the largest in the world and offers the best viewing. Sri Lanka has a host of other bio-diversity-rich features and beautiful landscapes, which make it the Ultimate Wild Discovery

These “Wildlife tours” take you on a journey through, from RainforestsNational Parks, home to numerous bird speciesherds of wild elephantsthe elusive leopardssloth bears, mugger crocodiles, etc…. to deep seas in the Indian Ocean in search of the giant blue whales & dolphins and to explore the endangered marine turtles come ashore for nestling…… But you still enjoy the cultural, Historical sites and beautiful sceneries of the island, while the tour

Season: This is a seasonal tour run during the whale watching season only from November – April each year.


Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights 

Season: This is a seasonal tour run during the whale watching season only from November – April each year.

Introduction: Venture on this tour into the wilds & Seas of Sri Lanka is to in search of Sri Lanka’s Big Five – The Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Asian Elephant, Leopard and Sloth Bear, while enjoying the cultural, Historical sites, and beautiful sceneries of Sri Lanka

Tour Highlights

  • Dolphin watching in Kalpitiye
  • Safari in Wilpattu National Park
  • Polonnaruwa Ancient kingdom (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Maligawila ancient rock-cut Buddha Image
  • Safari in Udewalewe National Park
  • Safari in Yale National Park
  • Whale Watching in Marissa

Day 01 : Arrival: Airport to Kalpitiye

Arrived in Sri Lanka and transferred to Kalpitiye for two nights.

Kalpitiye, a marine sanctuary with a diversity of habitats ranging from bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangroves swamps, salt marshes, and vast sand dune beaches, has been identified as a hotspot to see several different varieties of dolphins like SpottedSpinner, Fraser’sRisso’s and Common Dolphins as well, In Kalpitiya dolphin watching is possible 03 – 04 km off the coast, often like a sheet of glass on calm days.

Dinner & Overnight stay at a Hotel in Kalpitiya


Day 02: Kalpitiye

Early mornings take the boat from Alankuda and head out to sea in search of different varieties of dolphins. The early morning light will be providing perfect conditions to capture these flawless acrobats on film as they show off their tricks with an eternal grin as if posing specially for you. Further beyond the reef, the voyage continues up in search of the Sperm Whale – the largest toothed whale in the world. The deep sea off the Kalpitiya Peninsula where the continental shelf lies provides an ideal habitat for these giant oceanic predators, which need to dive several hundred meters to hunt prey such as the

Giant Squid. Evening relax on the beach

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel in Kalpitiye


Day 03: Kalpitiye To Wilpattu

After breakfast, leave for Wilpattu for two nights, and afternoon, game drive at Wilpattu National Park in search of Leopard and Sloth Bear.  Wilpattu; Sri Lanka’s largest National Park, occupying about a 1100km2 (425 sq mile) tract of shoreline and jungle on the northwest coast, The park, become an eco-tourism destination to rival Yala in the south, with huge expanses of forest and an array of rare mammal with over 250 species of birds, The park is also the best place to sight Asian Elephant, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Jackal, Asiatic Buffalo, Crocodiles in addition to Leopards & sloth Bears

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel nearby Wilpattu National Park


Day 04: Wilpattu

Early morning and evening again game drives at Wilpattu National Park in search of more Leopards, Sloth Bears, etc.

Diner & Overnight stay at the same hotel nearby Wilpattu National Park


Day 05: Wilpattu To Polonnaruwa

After breakfast leave for Polonnaruwa and evening visit Polonnaruwa (A UNESCO World Heritage Site), the medieval capital of Sri Lanka. At Polonnaruwa, we will encounter troops of Toque Macaques, who were famously featured in both the BBC’s “Temple Troop” and David Attenborough’s ‘Life of Mammals’. One will be intrigued by the power play between the Macaques and Hanuman Langur.

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel in Giritale


Day 06: Polonnaruwa To Buttale

After breakfast leave for Buttale and En route, visit the ancient Maligavile Buddha statue, which dates back to the 7th century AD and is the one of largest freestanding images of Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka, reaching a height of about 14 meters. The statue is carved out of a single piece block of limestone and much time can be spent here taking in the peaceful wilderness setting filled with birds and plenty of monkeys.

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel in Buttle


Day 07: Buttale To Udawalawe

After breakfast leave for Udawalewe & visit Udawalawe National Park for dry zone birds and Elephants in the evening. The Park is one of the guaranteed and is probably the best place to see wild herds of Elephants, consisting of tightly-knit family groups of up to four generations of related adult and sub-adult females and young. Look for dry zone birds, which include Little Green Bee-Eater, Malabar Pied Hornbill & Blue-faced Malkoha. On a visit to Udawalawe National Park close to 50-60 Elephants can be seen at Elephant Transit Home, Nursery Herd which comprises many baby Elephants is one of the key attractions.

Dinner & Overnight stay at a Hotel in Udewalawe/Embilipitiye


Day 08: Udawalawe To Yala

After breakfast, leave for Yala for three nightsYale; Sri Lanka’s one of the best National Parks to see a wide variety of Sri Lanka’s wildlife because of its scrub plains, lagoons, and rocky sections. A recent study has shown that Yala has one of the highest densities of Leopards in the worldoffering great opportunities for viewing and photography. Yala is also home to over 500 Asian Elephants with the highlight being the 10-12 large Tuskers that roam around the park. The Park is also the best place in Asia for sighting the shy and usually nocturnal Sloth Bear. The park is also good for dry zone specialties like Indian and Great Thick-knees, Sirkeer and Blue-faced Malkohas, and Malabar Pied Hornbill. A day’s birding in the park, during the northern winter, can yield a 100 species

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel nearby Yala National Park


Day 09: Yala

Morning and afternoon safaris at Yala National Park in search of Leopards, Sloth Bears, Asian Elephants, and Birdlife…

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel nearby Yala National Park


Day 10: Yala

Morning and afternoon again safaris at Yala National Park in search of more Leopards, Sloth Bears, Asian Elephants, and Birdlife

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel nearby Yala National Park


Day 11: Yala To Mirissa / Galle

After breakfast leave for Mirisse/Galle and evening relax on the beach

Dinner & Overnight stay at a hotel in Mirisse/Galle


Day 12: Mirissa

Mornings Mirissa – marine safaris; take the boat from the fishery harbor out to sea in search of Whales.

Blue Whales and Sperm Whales are both seen regularly in these waters. It is the best place in the world for seeing Blue whales and almost certainly the best place in the world for sighting both Blue Whales and Sperm Whales. And the evening relax on the beach

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel in Mirissa/Galle


Day 13: Mirissa

Morning, again take the boat from the Mirisse’s fishery harbor out to sea, in search of more Blue Whales and Sperm Whales.  And the evening relax on the beach

Dinner & Overnight stay at the same hotel in Mirissa/Galle


Day 14: Departure: Mirissa To AirPort

After breakfast, transfer to International Airport


Tour Includes 

  • Accommodation on a 3-star hotel HB basis (breakfast & dinner)
  • Transportation in an A/C Car (Up to 02 Pax) / A/C Micro van (03 – 06 Pax)/A/C Mini coach (06- 12Pax)
  • Airport Transfers.
  • Entrance tickets & fee for all activities mentioned above (Except Water Sports) ∙ Jeeps for safaris where mentioned
  • Government Taxes.

Tour Excludes 

  • Tips and porterage.
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Lunch & Beverages
  • Fee for Water Sport Activities
  • Flights & Visas
  • Early check-in & Early checkout charges
  • Optional Activities

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